Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I order a capture bead?

Most of our orders are handled through your local funeral home.  Please contact your funeral director to place your order.  They have order forms and will take care of packaging your order and sending it for you.

If you are not working with a funeral director and would like to place an order, please print our order form, fill it out completely, and send it along with your flowers.

Please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you.

Q. How many flowers do I need for each item?

It only takes a small amount of flowers to create many items.  Out of one large rose, we can produce up to three bracelets or one full rosary. 

Any type of flower can be used to make Capture Bead Keepsakes.  If using flowers with small blossoms, please send 5 - 6 blooms per rosary.

The above quantity of petals can used to make up to five bracelets.

If you have more questions about specific orders, email us and we would be happy to help you choose.

Q. What color will my beads be?

 The color of your Capture Bead Keepsake is determined by the color of the flower, or flowers you select.  However, any flower can be made into a black, navy blue or deep green bead.

You may also choose to marble up to three colors together, either from multiple flowers or from flowers containing more than one color.  Please indicate on your order form if you would like your beads or keepsakes to be solid or marbled.

Q. How do I ship my flowers to you?

It is very important that fresh flowers are NOT packed in plastic of any kind.  

Loosely wrap them in tissue paper or place them in a paper sack. 

(Completely dried flowers can be shipped in plastic.)

Please refer to the shipping instructions below for complete information.

Q. How long will it take to receive my completed order?

 The transformation from flower to keepsake has many steps and takes time. Our typical turn around time is 8-12 weeks but may vary depending on the volume of orders received. Each keepsake is carefully handcrafted just for you, and we appreciate your patience. 

If you require your items sooner, please contact us and we will do everything we can to expedite your order.  

Q. What happens to any flowers that are leftover from my order?

Any remaining flowers are saved for three years. 

Shipping Information


Fresh Flowers

If your flowers are fresh, they must never be placed in plastic for shipping.  Packing them in plastic of any kind can cause them to mold during transit which makes them impossible to use to make your keepsakes.

 Padded envelopes are lined in plastic, so please do not use them.

 Please snip the flowers close to the bloom, wrap them loosely in tissue paper, or place them in a paper sack and ship them in a cardboard box or envelope.


Dried Flowers:

If your flowers are already completely dried, they may be shipped in any container, including plastic. 



Packages should not require a signature upon delivery.  This can cause delays resulting in rotting flower petals.  We recommend shipping your flowers through the Post Office Priority Mail.  (There is no need to send them using overnight delivery.)

Our shipping address:

Capture Bead Keepsakes

P.O. Box 522

Sanford, MI 48657

Please contact us at 

with any questions you may have.

Caring for Keepsakes:

Your Capture Bead Keepsake has been hand-crafted just for you.  There may be slight variations in color between each bead.  These variations are natural and add to the unique beauty of your keepsake.

We recommend cleaning with a soft cloth only.  Your Capture Bead Keepsake beads are water resistant, not waterproof.  If they are exposed to water, dry them immediately with a soft cloth.  Do not expose beads to any harsh chemicals, as this may caused irreparable damage.

We recommend storing your keepsakes in the jewelry box in which they arrived.  This helps prevent tarnishing of your silver.

As with all fine jewelry, please refrain from applying lotion and hairspray while wearing.

Capture Bead Keepsakes, LLC will not be held responsible for any damages to your handmade keepsakes caused by improper use, care or handling.  That being said, please contact us if you have any issues, and we will do our best to help.

Due to the small nature of the Capture Bead Keepsakes charms and beads, our products may present a choking hazard to young children or anyone likely to place them in their mouth. Our products are not for use by small children under the age of 7.