About Us

Here at Capture Bead Keepsakes, LLC, we’ve been creating beautiful handmade flower inclusion jewelry, rosaries and keepsakes since 2010.

Our Capture Beads were developed out of a time of loss and sorrow in a desire to provide others an opportunity to preserve their flowers and their memories in a tangible form.  After much experimentation and many designs,
Capture Beads Keepsakes, LLC was born. We are extremely proud of our products, and as a family owned and operated business, we are thrilled to be teaching our craft to the next generation to carry on this tradition.  From our families to yours, we hope that our beautiful keepsakes provide your family with many years of enjoyment. 

About our Products

Dried Flower Jewelry

At Capture Bead Keepsakes, LLC

It is our mission to capture a moment in time and allow you to hold it in your hand.  As soon as your flowers arrive, the petals are carefully dried, processed and mixed with other ingredients, allowing us to make a durable, water resistant bead. Then each bead is lovingly rolled, dried and coated. Once they are completely cured, they are carefully handcrafted into your beautiful keepsake.

The transformation from flower to keepsake has many steps and takes time. Our typical turn around time is 8-12 weeks but may vary depending on the volume of orders received.  We want you to love your Capture Bead Keepsakes, and we take as much time as is necessary to make sure each bead is of the highest quality.  We appreciate your patience as we carefully create your items and ship them to you as quickly as possible.

However you come to own a Capture Bead Keepsake, it is our hope that the beads
bring you fond memories of the person or occasion for which it was created.

Thank you for your business.
Deana & Kerry